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Austrian Victims of the Holocaust in the Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance

Austrian Victims of the Holocaust in the Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance

The Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance (Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes or DÖW) was created in the spring of 1963 by a group of former resistance fighters, persecuted individuals, and academics. The archive is publicly funded. Its brief is to document the resistance to National Socialism in Austria; Nazi persecution and the flight and exile of persecuted individuals from Austria; the Holocaust in Austria; and to fight against current anti-Semitism and the extreme right. It employs a team of full-time researchers. The DÖW manages an archive, a library and several special collections. It undertakes research and publishes its findings. It also organises exhibitions and runs an education programme.

This continuously updated database lists the names of c. 62, 000 Austrian victims of the Holocaust. The database lists names, dates of birth, the destination and date of deportation transports and places and dates of death where possible. The database can be searched online.

Individuals can be searched by first and/or last name and there is a search help option. The information published online is just a fraction of the information available at the DÖW archives. Additional information on individuals can be obtained by contacting or visiting the DÖW.

The name database is linked to background, archival and photographic documentation on the Holocaust in relation to Austria. This includes e.g. information on deportations from Austria, concentration and extermination camps, the deportation of Austrian refugees from other countries in Europe (former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Yugoslavia). The database also provides background information on the Anschluss, the November 1938 pogroms in Austria, deportations and related documentation.

The database is also available as a bilingual (English-German) CD-ROM, which can be ordered online from the DÖW website.

The DÖW has also published a 62-page booklet written by Florian Freund and Hans Safrian, Expulsion and Extermination: The Fate of the Austrian Jews 1938-1945. Project "Registration by Name: Austrian Victims of the Holocaust" (Vienna: Austrian Resistance Archives, 1997). Most of the information contained in it is also available online on the DÖW's website, as are the sections'Reflections on the Commandment to Remember' and 'Reflections on the Project "Registration by Name: Austrian Victims of the Holocaust'. The project "Registration by Name: Austrian Victims of the Holocaust" (Namentliche Erfassung der österreichischen Opfer des Holocaust) was initiated by Yad Vashem, Israel.

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